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Women's Total Organic Whole Food Multivitamins-Pack of 2


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Certified Organic Once a Daily Multi Vitamins and Mineral Women's Total Organ Support

  • 100% Daily Value of whole food-based formula made from organic vegetables & herbs
  • Fermented from live organic cultured probiotics
  • More bio available with the ability to consume them on an empty stomach
  • A women's complete organ support thru 13 super food complex
  • Clinically researched formula customized to address a Women's unique needs
  • Organic coated vegetarian tablets


  • Organic Whole-food based Multivitamins and Minerals
  • No Fillers, binders, and No chemical additives
  • Complete Female's Organ Support Once per Daily
  • Made in cGMP approved facility in USA
  • Novel process to enhance Bioavailability and to protect denaturation in stomach. Can be taken empty stomach
  • 30 Organic Coated Vegetarian Tablets

Why Summit Nutritions Vegetarian Multivitamins are Better.:

WHAT ARE “FERMENTED VITAMINS” AND HOW DO THEY DIFFER THAN TRADITIONAL VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS.: Our Vitamins are fermented with organic culture media using live probiotics to make them more bio available ,like whole food complex, so that body recognizes the as natural substances ,unlike traditional vitamins which are made in a laboratory using chemical  synthesis processes.

WHY ARE THEY MICROENCAPSULATED.?: Microencapsulation of ingredients protect vitamins while they are being digested through the harsh environment of the stomach, getting them safely into the intestine where vitamins are absorbed. Traditional vitamins get denaturized in stomach, acids and fail to reach the intestine. Most of us think we are getting vitamins by taking supplements but actually miss the benefits because they don't fully reach the intestine where they are absorbed into the blood stream.

WHAT ARE THE OTHER BENEFITS OF CERTIFIED ORGANIC SUPER FOOD COMPLEX FOR WOMEN ?: In addition to having 100% of the daily value of multivitamins and multiple minerals, we've added more iron and folic acid as women require more of these than Man. Also we've added 13 certified organic super food ingredients which have been proven to support vital organs like the heart, brain, joints, hair, skin, nails, hormones, the digestive and immune systems. we have selected these ingredients to address top health concerns of women.

WHAT IS VEGETABLE/ORGANIC COATED TABLETS.?: We use natural, Organic ingredients to coat the tablet making it softer and easier breakdown and dissolve in the body compared to traditional Vitamins Supplements which have coating ingredients that make their tablets harder.

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